The Epic Apocalypse EP

by Robot Zombie Attack

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The Epic Apocalypse, the start of a new era, a debut, the beginning...and the end.


released 16 December 2013

All songs written and produced by:

Josiah Cavanaugh

Cover art by:

Back/Room of TVs art by:



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Robot Zombie Friends
What is the point exactly?
To collect so many riches
Just to start back at zero again

Looking through this mirror
I think I can see her
But it may be another clone acting just the same
Everything is dying
Everyone is lying
And I feel as if everyone was made in an assembly line
They're on the billboards and the internet
Living as one in a single set
I'm not listening to your argument on this social network
Acting extremely immature
Living so nonchalantly impure
Oh, please take me away from these unthoughtful drones

Under this mask I’m hiding me
To be the opposite of want I want to be
Through this sin I will pay the fee
“Don’t be yourself” always seems to be the key
There is no name to this game we play
My choice on who I choose will stay
You lose your friends through the truth you say
Slipping through your arms as she walks away

So many people learn to love and let it go
It’s such a wonderful concept
All the while I am looking at these lost souls
Where’s the love?
Our fingers sweetly interlaced in my head
But in reality I’m so far away
The puppets dance around me ever so tempting
I will never let them control my soul

Looking through this mirror
Everything is clearer
Reality isn't painted in shades of black and gray
The person staring back
Has everything I lack
Bloody shards fly through the world that I cannot escape

When I can't even care who I am anymore
I'll put on a fake smile as I'm bleeding through the floor
I will join the crowd because I just want to be loved more
Every day I grow more afraid
That I'll lose all hope with fear and say
"I'm your closest fake, your Robot Zombie Friend."

Underneath my outside face
There's a face that no one can see
A little less smiley
A little less sure
But a whole lot more like me

I don't want to hide my face but it's too late
It's too late to turn back now
Are you really beautiful?
Or are you braindead? Because your braindead to me
My body's taken over the infection has begun
Now all my consciousness is just suddenly gone
I've got darkness in my system that I'm not gonna fight
Because my Robot Zombie Friends got me feeling all right
Track Name: So Much Lose
Everything's withered and faded away
The world burns in flames it will soon depart this day
Track Name: Rebirth
There was a boy quite like me
Except so much younger
Always talking about how the world won’t last much longer
I never thought that he would pull the trigger thinking
“We are all such a waste of time!"

Why can’t we just make mistakes but love each other
When we find it really hard to tolerate ourselves

Then he hid in shame for what he did
Walking in circles again
Trying to find a find a way to be forgiven
But he never knew that he was loved
Now he knows that everything is exactly what it seems

Living in a contrary revolution
Looking in a set of mirrors that point right back to me

This bitterness inside of me
It’s put an end to all other lives
A never-ending pile of consequence
This is the wrong path
Cover up my tracks
Cover up my face
Clean this filthy blood off of my hands
I now am dead
What have I done?
Please wash away this nothingness I’ve become

Please hold me in your arms!

Maybe I just wanted something more…
Track Name: The Gatekeeper
I am trapped in this world filled with maggots
I look in this black hole for eternity
Track Name: The Epic Apocalypse
There will come a day it will be the end
Angels fall from heaven and fight as they descend
Every mother and child hiding
Every furry troll and fool colliding
Thing just seem to get stranger every day

Take a look it is so wonderful
It's something about these flames that make it all quite beautiful
The ash falls from the sky so dark so dead
I'm waiting to be taken too

Every day was so much brighter when the world took place 2,000 years ago
We're on an all time low
Now we're standing very still calling out "Emmanuel!"
We're waiting for the end of the...

You will see spirits flying into finite space
Chasing after light that shines and bares its everlasting grace
Everybody running screaming
Robot zombies lazer beaming
I don't think I was forseeing this
If death knocks on your door and asks "May I take this dance?"
The sky is shining the world is dying
I think I'll take this one last chance
"Now you tell me that you're a robot well I'm a robot too."
I say as I tear off my flesh to show that I'm just like you

You just want to be somebody
Because you're hanging with your robot zombie friends
Is this how it all ends?
Now I am waiting here alone
reaping what I have to sow.
I'm waiting for the end of the world.

Softly sleeping
quiet footsteps
I hear your heart beating
Waiting for the end to take us
Away from this horrendous place

Say goodbye to all your troubles and days of utter bliss
Well done good and faithful servant now you are dismissed